what food really looks like

I love food blogs.  Pioneer Woman, Make Dinner Tonight and Bring Your Lunch Tomorrow, Smitten Kitchen, and even Ramen Hacks (30+ ways to eat Ramen Noodles!).

That said I have some issues with the standard of presentation they show on their blogs.  My friend Shirene and I had an idea to start a blog called What Food Really Looks Like.  It would show those brownish stirfrys, somewhat sloppy lasagne falling all over the plate, meatballs that that look like chunks of…. well you get the point.  Our idea was that food does not have to look good to taste good.

It is a long weekend here in London, so I decided to whip up some delicious what chicken curry really looks like for Sunday night.  The recipe is a closely guarded secret of my friend Julia… but I’m pretty sure if you Google ‘Vij’s Family Chicken Curry’ you will find something similar.

Brown the onions with oil and cinnamon

add the tomatoes, ginger, garlic and delicious masala spices

simmer the masala and enjoy the delicious smells.  Make sure to keep your Wills & Kate Wedding china handy at all times.

Add a bunch of chicken thighs, which are super cheap and delicious in currys, water and sour cream, and let it cook

Shred the chicken off the bone, put it back in the curry and get ready to eat!

Make some fake-naan with leftover pizza dough, set your mini kitchen table and pair the curry with whatever wine you have left over.

And there you have it, what food really looks like.



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