more more more visitors!

When you live in London you automatically accept that you’ll have many guests visiting and sleeping on your couches. Especially once the weather starts getting better.

The past two weeks have been insane fun at the flat.  Chris and Lindsey came to visit over the Royal Wedding. (and enjoyed the no hot water, no internet, no TV amenities at our flat) Nick and Maria came and are staying for a couple of weeks as they use London as their base for exploring Europe.  Britt even snuck in for a weekend pre-business trip!

With all these visitors we’ve been out doing some pretty great things

After work pints and half pints at Liverpool Street Station

Standing in the Gallery to watch All’s Well that Ends Well at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. 

Of course watching The Wedding at Trafalgar Square….

and catching The Kiss under some bunting at a Covent Garden Pub!

So… when are YOU coming to visit?


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