bad blogger

I’m such a bad blogger.  We’ve recently moved to a new flat and thanks to the UK’s ancient phone company system (since when do you need to rent a telephone line to get broadband?) it’s a 2 week wait until we can get anything set up.

Until then the closest free wireless is at McDonalds, and short of running a 10k a day I really shouldn’t be going in there much.

So I apologize to the 13 readers I have left, and promise to get better.

As for an update:

  • THE Wedding is in 4 days and like Kate I’m keeping my Friday outfit a secret.  But it does include a DIY facinator that I have crafted for the occasion.  It may also include the Wills & Kate socks I purchased last week.
  • The LSE is closed for the week for Easter Holidays so I’ve taken a random temp job working the bar at the Scotch Malt Whiskey Private Members Society.  (ie. there is a good chance that stories about that will be upcoming!) 
  • Alex and I spent the long weekend in Paris having picnics under the Eiffel Tower, and drinking way to much Rose in the 27* weather.

And yes, I have some £ on the Queen wearing a Yellow hat on Friday. (Globe and Mail)


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