Yes, the rumors are true I finally got offered a job here in London. A medium-term contract position! The opportunity came through a recruiting agency, which even though I have my issues with the system – I have to say the staff at Spring Personnel found lots of opportunities for me and ones that were commiserate with my education and experience.  (After getting a call from an online gaming recruitment agency I realized how luck I was to be with Spring!) 

I applied for this job using my new CV style (bullet points displaying how you meet the job description requirements) and during the interview got many complements on my experience.  They did ask me to explain and support some of the statements I made, but luckily thanks to Vestigo, Guardian Careers and Total Jobs I was prepared to S.T.A.R my way through the interview.

My previous work experiences here in London, although short and sweet, definitely played a role in getting this job. Even though the previous temp jobs were only a few days and low pay, they showed I could commit to a job and do it at complete the tasks at a high level.  When the recruiter called about the job I eventually got she said they wanted to make sure they put forward a candidate they could trust as this is an important client of theirs.  When you’re looking for a job you’re always being watched – so make sure to put your best forward at all times.

Through it all I was myself and with 20/20 vision it’s easy to overlook all the stress of the past 2 months, but I’m confident that being myself is what lead to such a perfect position being offered.  It not only required my level of education and experience, but is in an industry I am interested in and has perks that I couldn’t have dreamed of.

So now I’m enjoying my last few days being a Lady of Leisure and looking forward to Monday morning!


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