running around London

My laptop decided to crash for the 3rd time in a 11 months last week and after another massive repair bill I’m back online and wishing I had a laptop-sponsor who wanted to gift me a new laptop.

(aside: How am I going to have children if I think laptops are expensive to upkeep?)

I spent the laptop-less weekend running the Greenwich Meridian 10k which felt amazing.  Not only did I go from running 0 – 10km in less than 3 weeks, but I finished the race in a personal best 57:23. (Yes, beating my previous attempts at a 10k in the 2005 Gun Run in Cape Town and in 1998ish when Julia and I ran the Sun Run in Vancouver and “forgot” to follow the course around Stanley Park)

warning giant running lady coming through!

After the race we hung out at 0° longitude, which was seriously cold that day.

And then did what any serious runners would do: Ate a full English Breakfast at the Cutty Sark Cafe

PS. Major thanks to our flatmate Kirsten who came out to Greenwich with us and was the best supporter you could ask for.  Nothing like running up a massive hill to see her at the top cheering you on! Also she’s a real runner – she’s training for the London Marathon and raising money for MS while she’s at it. Check out her blog if you like to read about what it’s really like to run 20+ km. (my opinion: insane!)


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