Unfortunately I am writing to inform you that on this occasion you have been un-successful at this stage of the recruitment process.  We were extremely impressed by the numbers and level of applications we received, but naturally have had to base our decision to take individuals through to the next stage of the process that highlighted the most relevant skills and experiences against the areas outlined in the job description.  Due to the quantity of applicants we are un-able to provide individual feedback on each application at this time.”

So, when I spent 2 hours specifically filling out the application form (because no one accepts CVs these days it seems) and provided 2 pages of evidence of my ability to perform each of the key duties outlined in the job description like so:

Financial Management (5% of work)

  • Monitored monthly program financial reports for the *** program with **** while on secondment.
  • Ensured that financial procedures, practices and values are adhered to and reported discrepancies to program manager, during a program transition period.
  • Worked with President of ****** to monitor the organization’s income vs. expenditure and developed a spreadsheet to easily track changes.


Design, Coordination & Delivery of Volunteer Training (45% of work)

  • Over 5 years of experience as a Volunteer Coordinator in various organizations
  • Experience designing volunteer and participant manuals, learning tools and products
  • Conducted reviews of program resources to ensure meeting volunteer program targets.
  • Delivered training sessions to 50-100 volunteers per event
  • Involved in creating program timelines for the **** program at **** for each 3 month session that included, volunteer recruitment, interviews, training and matching.
  • Spearheaded coordination between internal and external delivery partners to ensure program outcomes were met.
  • Conducted ‘share-sessions’ for **** that included internal and external partners.  Input was invited to ensure existing tools and partnerships were being utilized to their full extent in all programs.
  • Planned and managed the logistics for multiple volunteer appreciation events that included venue selection, food and beverage ordering, and event program facilitation.

It’s good to know that they weren’t the relevant enough to even get an interview.  It’s competitive out there everyone. Watch out.

And with that I’m glad February is done and looking forward to a new month hopefully filled with more (paying) opportunities.


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