Guardian Careers Advice

The Guardian Careers blog @GuardianCareers has the most amazing resources for those looking for employment in the charity or non-profit sector in the U.K.  Beyond the typical advice for first time workers and “how to wow them with your CV” advice they have actual experts in the field saying what they want, the bad things they’ve seen on CV’s (bikini pictures anyone?) and what really grabs their attention (FYI: it’s not being excited to wake up every day and work on excel equations, that’s weird)

PLUS. And this is my favourite part. They have daily Q&A sessions on twitter and in podcast formats.

Today I listened and learned how to break into the fundraising sector and tomorrow I’ll be at a CV clinic.  I may skip the March 23rd podcast on “How to Become a Vet” but who knows where my career will be by then!

I also found this great article on how companies are starting to recruit based on aptitude rather than experience.  It’s what I’ve been complaining about on this blog – that when applying for jobs (especially through recruiters) they are too quick to dismiss applications without actual on-the-job experience.  Whereas the applicants who are more likely to do a great job in the position and stay and grow in the company aren’t necessarily those who have done the job before.

As Simon Tarver, director at Harrogate-based people development company Primeast, puts it: “It’s not enough any longer that you can prove you are a clever person on the basis of your degree.”

He concludes with this advice: “Celebrate your degree and be proud of it, but also recognise that what UK business needs today is someone who’s got the gumption and entrepreneurial spirit to get the most out of a graduate programme.” Indeed, it is those graduates who are able to demonstrate that “gumption”, that entrepreneurial spirit, that aptitude for a given job, who in the years ahead will be best placed to succeed and take the top jobs.

Watch out London, I’ve got gumption on my side now!


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