“It’s a Garden Not a Yard”

Also… “It’s a pudding not a dessert”

Once again I’m spending the day running and filling out  more job applications.  To take a bit of a break I googled some of the other Canadian expat websites out there and found that while most are pretty funny, like Canadian Expats in the UK where I stole the title of this post from, I couldn’t find much info on networking, job searching, etc.

There are lots of horror stories on the Canuck Abroad website of people on Youth Mobility visas not finding work after 6 months, having their education and experiences discredited because they’re not British and even going home disappointed.

It’s hard to stay upbeat week-after-week when it seems like you’re just throwing out CVs into the wind hoping they land on some very important non-profit director’s desk.  But I’ve been thinking of some new strategies

  • check out some of the Canadian expat meetups in London and start meeting people that way
  • contact Canadian companies in London and see if I can make a contact that way
  • apply at one of the 3 Starbucks within 5 minute of where I’m staying and wow them with stories of how I’ve been to the first Starbucks in Seattle
  • carry my CV everywhere and be ready at a moment’s notice to pitch myself to potential employers

Any other suggestions out there?


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