Humbled and How?

I just watched a great interview of Elaine Lui (@Laineygossip) by @yellowrainbootz and while giving out advice to young women in business a few things really hit home for me and my job search.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask how

“I worry you spend too much time trying to prove yourself and not enough time getting better” – Elaine Lui

I’ve spent so much time trying to perfect my resume for the many types of jobs I am applying for (sometimes I wish i had a tangible career like accountant, teacher, lawyer) that it sometimes seems like an exercise in how to be perfect at everything.  How can I show that, yes, I can handle it all, do it all and be it all even before you hire me!

The reality is though I will need to learn a lot about any new job I am placed in, and I will need to ask how to do a lot of things.  This shouldn’t be thought of as a weakness when applying for jobs – but a strength.  The best candidate for a job is someone who is willing to learn and grow with the position. 

In the current job market, I feel a lot of pressure to strive to be the perfect candidate for a job (no thanks to some of the recruiters out there who offer £179 CV re-writing services to make me that much more perfect on paper).  In my opinion, I shouldn’t have to be perfect and like Lainey said, I should be saying, “I don’t know, can you should me how?” More often to make me a stronger person, candidate, employee.

2. It’s OK to be humbled

“Humility is a life experience. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s going to happen and the consequence of being humbled is something that is entirely up to you to control and you can totally spin it to your advantage.” – Elaine Lui

Time in London: 2 weeks
Jobs Applied For: < 80
Rejections Recieved: 12
Interview Offers: 0

I wasn’t expecting to be employed within the first month of being here, nor was I expecting people to be begging me to work for them.  But that doesn’t make getting rejection after rejection every day any easier. Humbled.  And this isn’t the first time it’s happened.  After spending 6 months planning a trip to India with my friend Justina (@justinatweets) we got there and hated it. Even with all our excellent planning skills and logical assumptions, everything seemed to go wrong. Humbled.

Like Elaine said in the interview – you are going to be humbled, it’s what you do about it that makes it into a positive experience.  Currently, I haven’t got any job offers, so I’ve started running. Adding a new hobby never hurts. 

In the spirit of taking the lessons from the humility causing events. I’ve started targeting my job search to positions that I am right for, rather than the big wide “anything goes” net I had previous set. 

Just because something causes you to be set-back, humbled, or even fail doesn’t mean it’s not the right opportunity for you. Personally, I’m going to take the humility, put it in a sandwich and eat it for lunch with a pint of London Pride. 

Link to the interview here:


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