What is the idenity of this blog? A travelogue? An opinions blog? Fashion? How-to? I don’t really know, and so far all I can say is it is a pretty clear exhibit of my train of thought throughout each day in London.

What to wear today?
What’s in the news?
Where can I go that is fun? Should I take photos of it?
I need a job
Mmmm that looks delicious
I’m thirsty
Who are you?
Oh! There’s a M&S! Mmmmm. How can I be hungry again?

Sometimes, they’re all interesting. Today I liked my outfit. Mixing prints and taking advantage of some actual sunshine I wore an easy striped tunic and my new scarf that I reminds me of the following words: Navajo, Arizona, Turquoise, and Southwest.  (There is almost a whole floor of Top Shop dedicated to this trend!)


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