I thought moving to London would be all like walking into Flight Centre and saying, “One one-way ticket to Heathrow please!”

No problem.

Seems there are lot more loose ends to tie up. First I have to pack up an entire (massive) one-bedroom apartment into 1 20kg suitcase and a 5x7ft storage unit out in Richmond.  I really think everyone should have a bit of sympathy for the Hoarders on TV, you really have no idea how much useless stuff you own!

I got my working-holiday visa no problem.  Within 48 hours of applying online the visa had been sent to Ottawa, approved, issued, and sent back to Vancouver.  Easier than ordering Whitespot takeout.

Now it’s just the put-in-piles, move-to-another-pile, put-in-box, move-box, label-box, unpack-box-and-repack-with-more-stuff kinda messy moving out stuff I have left.

But that can wait until after I watch the Bachelor.


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